Hi Blissful Bhakti Babes!

I hope everyone had a good weekend, and for certain areas, a good March Break!

I am just arriving home from a whirlwind trip to London, Paris and Barcelona.  I am so lucky, as a high school teacher, to be able to organize trips to amazing places and bring students along for the ride of a lifetime.

I LOVE traveling, and honestly there is something magical in being able to travel with students.  It is one of my favourite ways to travel.  It makes every place incredible, even if you’ve already been there.  This was my fourth time to Paris, but seeing the students react to sites and experience the culture made the experience new to me as well.

I have so many photos of these incredible students, (we REALLY lucked out with a great group who were keen but also very respectful) but I don’t want to post faces, so here is a pic of them walking through one of the original walls around London.

And another photo of us walking through Soho district in London….a place where the rock and roll history runs deep and the night scene is pumping.

I was also lucky to have four of my closest friends travel with me.  We all worked together at Camp Centennial and I knew I could trust them and I also knew they would make the trip really fun and exciting for these students as they ROCK at what they do.  The three boys RUN Camp Centennial (and one is my brother- in- law and has been in my life since grade 7!) and Kelly is one of my best friends and was a bridesmaid at my wedding.  Traveling with a team you can depend on and who can step up when it counts, is really important.  Chaperones can make or break a trip and these guys definitely enhanced it!

When we were in London, we went on a Harry Potter tour, where we were divided into the four houses and quizzed…well, my students ROCKED, and knew every question that was asked of them.  I was impressed….AND….then we went to 9 3/4 Platform….and I cried.  Yep, that’s right….cried.  I am an extreme Harry Potter fan and I was overwhelmed.  What an amazing experience.

Here is a pic of the Millennium Bridge, AKA Wobbly Bridge, that collapsed after an attack of the Death Eaters in Harry Potter.

And we visited the real Diagon Alley! (they rented the space and turned it into Diagon Alley for filming….it’s beautiful.)

And ME at Platform 9 3/4!!!! (this was after the tears came)

I love traveling, as I said, but I’m always so happy to get back home to my husband and babies (fine, they are five, but they are still babies in my mind).  My hubby can’t really go on these tours with me as most of the places aren’t accessible, but he also loves to travel and gets lots of it in with his biking…but I miss him when I’m away and wish we could travel together more…soon!!!

My girls also love to travel, but trust me, they didn’t mind that I was away….they get spoiled by grandparents while I’m gone.  I often get questions like, “when are you going away again Mommy?”

We got a huge snow storm while I was away and the girls were at the cottage….enjoying life.

Building snowmen with Bampy.

And snow shoeing and doing crafts with Auntie Lauren.

Anyway, now it’s time to get back to reality.  I will probably be talking about this trip for awhile, but it’s not the only thing I want this blog to be about.

It’s really just about me exploring different topics, and talking about life, and family and probably lots of yoga talk.  A diary of sorts….that I’m agreeing to share with the….world. 😓

I’m going on very little sleep, so I apologize for rambling….off to bed….signing off.

Until tomorrow,



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