Froggies, Yoga, and PURPLE HAIR!

So, I did a thing last night….dyed my hair amethyst colour.  It is really soft and only has shades of amethyst but I’m really loving it!

Thankfully the girls were still up when I got home and I had a chance to hang out with them a bit and then tuck them in to bed.  Later, when I checked on them, they were all cuddled up with their Froggies.

Leah with her Froggie:

Lily with her Froggie:

A co-worker of mine gave these Frogs to me as a baby shower gift prior to the girls being born.  She thought that there was still a baby nursery where the girls would go to after birth and people would be able to distinguish which babies were ours if the Frogs were in the bassinet with them.  Adorable, and wishful thinking….how much more restful would that be!?  A few hours of sleep before your life changes and you never get to sleep again??? (kidding, I will always cherish those first few exhausting hours as a family of four, at four in the morning)

For some reason, after five years and MANY stuffies later, trust me- sometimes I can’t even find the girls in their beds with all the stuffies surrounding them- they are still obsessed with these dirty, disgusting things!  And I LOVE it, and will be really sad if they ever choose not to be obsessed with them anymore.

There is a new store in Halifax, not sure if you’ve heard of it, it’s called Earth Goddess.  I haven’t been, but have been obsessing over their instagram and facebook posts and LOVE and want everything in their store, especially this:

Check their stuff out, they have everything from semi-precious stones, Himalayan Rocks, candles, jewelry, clothes, to these sorts of baskets.  I can’t wait to get down there and do a little damage!

So, this morning I decided to not GO to the gym and go downstairs and workout in our home gym and then do a little bit of yoga.  I’ve been trying to get on the mat in the mornings more often as I don’t get the chance AS much in the evening.  When I was finishing up, the girls woke up and wanted to join me.  They came downstairs and sat right down and started doing their thing.  Lily sat in meditation with her fingers positioned in a mudra, and Leah started doing “Butterfly” only they “flap their wings” in this position.  It was adorable and amazing that they know all of the names and terms….makes me one happy yoga mama.

Leah in butterfly:

Lily in meditation:

We had a bit of a hectic morning as the girls don’t have school, so it’s less structured which means slower.  And my windshield was frosted over because it was cold out and this often slows us down as well.  The girls overheard me speaking about it and this is what I walked out too:

They were taking turns trying to scrape the windows clean.  These kids crack me up!

Short and sweet today folks.  Have a great Thursday!

Namaste Beautiful Blissful Bhakti Babes!

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