Enjoying the blog, hope you are too + Five Friday Favs!

So, I’m really enjoying having a blog as I love to journal and this just makes it easier to do so.  I’ve said this before but I really have no idea what I’m doing or where I’m going with this, but my main goal is to have fun with it and enjoy it.  When it’s no longer fun, that is when I know it’s no longer my calling.  What is the point of my blog?  I’m not sure yet, but I didn’t want to wait any longer to figure it out…I figured I would figure it out as I go.   I also am not pretending to be a professional writer, and will be talking in tangents and run-ons, so you are warned.  I hope you enjoy it and follow along, and hopefully comment with your thoughts and ideas.

Alright, so my husband is training hard for biking right now, training for two to three hours most nights.  He’s training at hand cycling, which is pretty phenomenal to watch.

The hand cycling community is strong and very much like a family, so I enjoy that he trains, although it takes a LOT of time, both on the bike and also in the kitchen.  I enjoy it though, because we get to travel with the same people for most of the races and the people are pretty great.

And we get to celebrate his successes and the success of those around us in the community.  It’s usually some alone time for us as well, but the girls have been asking to come with us to watch daddy bike, so I think it’s going to become a family event starting this summer.

However, since he trains so much, I am left with a lot of time by myself….so….I’m going to blog during that time.

I also have plans to continue educating myself in the world of yoga.  I love taking workshops and retreats and plan on continuing that and chatting about it here.  There is a meditation workshop that really has been calling me and also a Yin yoga training.  I’ve been looking at the Yin training for three years now and really want to do it.  There is an amazing teacher in the Miramichi that I want to work with, so hopefully that is in my near future.

Five Friday Favs!

One– Okay, so does anyone watch Grace and Frankie on Netflix???  I LOVE this show and want to BE Frankie.  She is my idol, and is the coolest gal!  This show is just so funny and the actors are just amazing.  Please tell me people watch this show!  If not, you have to get on it!  Let me know what you think!

Two- Also, I got to watch TWO Disney movies during the snow day. this week.  Frozen and Moana, and got to have lots of cuddles while doing so….what a great day.  So happy that my girls love Disney movies as much as I do….well maybe not as much but they are young…there is still time.

Three- Coffee- I’m actually surprised that I am still quite exhausted from travelling….I thought by now I’d be readjusted, but the time difference PLUS coming back to the time change is really kicking my butt!  Which means, my life is going to be filled with a LOT of coffee…and for those of you who know me, know that I drink a lot of coffee in general….so adding more is intense! (this coffee is actually one from Paris- I make my own Lattes and Americano’s at home, but they aren’t this pretty)

Four–  Last night,  I got to go out for some girl time with my book club.  We are a group of ten ladies who have known each other for a long time, some of us have known each other for most of our lives.  When we started meeting as a club we had one child between all of us….now we have 22 kids, with two sets of twins and one set of triplets.  So, we are busier than we were in the beginning and definitely more tired with less free time, so we read a novel every other month and just get together on the other times to chat and catch up.  I haven’t seen them in awhile with all the travelling I’ve been doing so it was so great to catch up with them all!  There is always crazy conversation and lots of laughs when we get together.

Five– I got these bracelets while I was away…the Harry Potter one in London, and the rest in Barcelona and I’m loving them. (the black braided one has a Harry Potter Deathly Hollows charm on it)

Also, we went to a market in Barcelona that had the most incredible candy and I’m really wishing I had some today to help keep me awake.

Candy gives me life! 😉 But, honestly….look at the detail!  It’s so impressive!

And bonus- before we went out for book club, my sister came over and read some stories to the girls.

Ok, that’s all of my randomness for today.

Namaste <3

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  1. Great blog post. Finding your way in the blig world is intense at times. There are many reasons why people blog and loads of potential for those looking to work at it…either for fun or for a business. Building relationships with your readers and remaining "real" is the best advice I can give. Whatever you decide you want it to be, your readers will support you if they feel connected to you.
    Keep it up!

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