Being an adult is hard + fairy farts + secret signs

What sisters are for!

Oh my gosh, I’m tired!  I haven’t been sleeping super well, which is a bummer as the girls have been sleeping in every day and sleeping extremely well.  Ironic.

How I feel:

Anyone relate?

The girls and I got home yesterday and I had to shovel.  I’ve been in denial about the recent snow fall and have refused to shovel the walkway as I assumed I was done with shovelling.  However, we have people coming to our house today to fix our sink so I had no choice.  Well, the girls wanted to help me and we had a BLAST!

And they were super helpful.  They have been helping me “shovel” for a few years now but this was the first time they made a significant difference and were an addition as opposed to making the job longer, ha!  I love it and am happy that so far they enjoy helping mommy and hopefully it will be a few more years until I have to force them to help! šŸ™‚

It was so beautiful on the way home that we all had our sunglasses on!

And when we got home, the girls were super excited to find a little surprise for them in the mailbox.

The day before, when “Tipsy Unicorn” came to drop off my essential oil, the girls were very sad that they had nothing made for them.  Tipsy Unicorn and I said maybe someday they would get their own and she mentioned someday making them fairy fart lip balm, which they thought sounded GREAT (mainly because of the name!)

And lo and behold I get a message on my way home that there is a package in the mailbox for my girls.  What a sweetheart!  And this girl makes her products the day of delivery as they are all fresh and organic, so she went home and made these right away for my girls!  I can’t get over this!

***It was very sunny out, and the girls were saying “thank you” as I snapped the picture, so they look like they aren’t smiling or happy, but they are! šŸ™‚

So, a couple of years ago, someone really close to me passed away, a mentor of mine and also one for some of my closest friends.  And ever since then, we have all been finding dimes in the most random places when we are down, or needing a pick me up or doing something we think he would be happy about, and recently while in Europe (with chaperones who were all very close to him), I found a dime at the bottom of my bag.  It always brings a smile to my face when I find one.  And this week, (Ps- I go to the gym every morning at 5am) I was having a rough morning, didn’t sleep well and was tired and got to the gym to find this RIGHT beside the locker I use every day.

And to make me smile EVEN more, this came up in my Facebook memories:

It definitely brightened my day and made me smile. (not to mention while I was typing the above sentence, the word ‘came’ auto corrected to ‘camp’!)

Anyone else have stories or signs like this?  I know many people feel this way about butterflies or dragonflies as well.

And #TBT- to a time I took a yoga course with one of my besties, Katie <3

That’s it for today folks!  Have a great Thursday xoxo
Blissful Bhakti Babe

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