Baby Libraries, Baby Steps and Baby Grasshopper

Oh my gosh, so the girls and I were driving around Riverview, towards the Sobeys to grab a few things for supper last night and we happened upon this adorable thing!

It is called “Little Free” and it is filled with all sorts of books and novels.  You can take one and then return it after you are done reading it.  The bottom plaque says, “This little free library is made possible by the Town of Riverview’s Sustainability Project.”

Has anyone heard about this before?  It is my first time, as well as the girls, and they are beyond excited about it.  We are going to go back tomorrow and borrow our first book.  I will keep you posted.  What an adorable idea, I want to have one in my yard!

Coffee update- yesterday I had three, smaller than usual, cups of coffee and about four cups of tea.  The tea was mostly herbal with a hint of white tea mixed in.  Baby steps!

Last night, as soon as we got home, the girls decided they wanted to play Paw Patrol.  They have been in a wonderful phase where TV isn’t the first thing on their mind and they want to play instead, and I LOVE it!  Maybe it’s the longer, brighter days, the renewing energy that comes with this time of year, but I just want it to continue!  They were so engaged in their play, that I overheard one say to the other, “You have to go save Chikeleta from the roof of May.” – for those who are not with it 😂😂😂😂 Chikeleta is a purse Chicken, yep PURSE CHICKEN and May is the farmer from Paw Patrol.  I just thought their imagination was incredible, and it was also one of those rare twin moments when it’s so special to have two children the same age and in same stage.

But then, after I put them to bed, I went to pre-make the coffee for the morning and look who was there waiting for me.

Ryder….no job is too small…

So, yesterday was the Spring Equinox, and like I mentioned above, spring is a time for renewal and more energy.  And the Spring Equinox represents just that, a time to get rid of the stagnant, dormant energy that dwells from the long, dark months of winter, and to allow new opportunities and fresh starts to come to us.  It’s a perfect time to shed old layers, old toxic habits or people or thoughts and start afresh. 

I did a Spring Equinox Yoga class with my students beginning with setting our intent for the class by thinking of new goals, and things we want to accomplish heading into the new season, and then we did asanas that incorporated heart openers and strength poses that opened up towards the sky.  It was beautiful and then we ended class by journaling about our goals and positive thoughts about ourselves.  I LOVED it and felt refreshed (and hope they did as well).

However, it’s hard to really get into the whole, beautiful Spring thing….when this is headed our way for Thursday.

20CM of SNOW on Thursday!!!  And apparently 10-15 next Thursday….positive thoughts- a few more opportunities for snow shoeing and sledding before summer????

Alright folks- there it is- Happy Wednesday everyone!  Half way through the week!  You’ve got this!

Namaste BBB!

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