Achilles Tendinitis + yoga + spring time

I have Achilles Tendinitis.  Has anyone ever had this?  I got it almost a year ago when I climbed the great wall of China.  I was with a bunch of young, athletic teenagers and perhaps I outdid myself trying to keep up with them.  (I did, but now I know I’m old because I got hurt doing it!)

It is on my left heel and it really hurts and prevents me from being as active as I like.  I’ve been doing physio and chiro since it happened in July and have found no relief.  However, I just saw the most amazing physio who works with my husband and she determined that the REASON I have achilles tendinitis is because of a lower back issue.  She asked if I ever had IT band issues (a muscle that attaches from the gluteal muscle and runs down to your knee) and I had major IT band issues when I was training for a marathon back in 2011.  Once she found out I had, she realized that my issue is a muscle (the psoas) in my back that isn’t working properly and it is connected from my back all the way down to my achilles.

So, in order to fix my achilles, I need to fix and strengthen my back and to open up and stretch my external hip rotator on the right side.  GOOD news, she is also a yoga instructor so ALL of my exercises are yoga poses.  So, I KNOW I will do them!

Hopefully, with a lot of work I can get healed up because I REALLY, REALLY miss running and Spring time is my favourite time to run (well, after the snow melts….and it warms up…which doesn’t look like that is happening any time soon.)

Parents- doesn’t it seem like no matter how many times you make your kids use the bathroom BEFORE you leave the house, they automatically need to pee the minute you get somewhere???  One of my twins is so bad for this and every time we get to Superstore she has to use the bathroom and I have to leave my groceries with customer service to make the trip upstairs to the washroom.  It’s like she gets nervous or something and it activates her bladder.

So, a trip in the elevator happens every time we do a grocery run.  And does anyone’s kids do this in the elevator?  Mine love it! (after they fight over who gets to push the button)

Also- how comfy does this look?

I got this purple triple clay rose mask from the beautiful, amazing Tipsy Unicorn.

I got it a few weeks back and I’ve been really enjoying it.  I have super sensitive skin and am extremely prone to break outs and so far so good.  It smells good and and makes meyskin soft and smooth and gives me a little bit of colour (even after I wash it off lol)

And today she’s dropping off an essential oil body spray today that is in an authentic apothecary bottle (from Saint Martin’s when they tore down their original pharmacy) I’m excited and will post pics when I get it!

Look!  It’s Spring!

Hard to believe that we barely had any snow at the beginning of March and now that it’s officially spring, the snow banks are so high we can barely see the house from the road!  However, at least it’s warming up- yesterday morning it was -25!!!

The year is also flying by, I can’t believe that there are only three months of school before summer break!  The girls first year of school has just rushed past and it’s hard to believe they are going to be going into grade one next year!  We sure will miss their Kindergarten teacher, and I’m not going to lie, I’m not looking forward to more homework!  Look at them- apparently Kindergarten is hard work 😛

Not to mention that this weekend is ALREADY Easter weekend and I am not ready at ALL!  Anyone else in the same boat?  Time to get a move on, only two days left and then stores are closed!

Have a great Tuesday!
Blissful Bhakti Babe

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