About Me

Hi!  Welcome to Blissful Bhakti Babe!  My name is Melanie and I love yoga, teaching, and my family.

To give you a bit of a background- here is my story in a nutshell.  I grew up in a happy family of four- my mom and dad and me and my sister.

I was a very athletic person, playing pretty much every sport imaginable and was competitive in New Brunswick Basketball for many years.  I played basketball all through my high school years and played at my university as well.

In University, I decided to apply at the camp my sister was working at, Camp Centennial, and was lucky enough to get a job.

***Matt is in the back row- four people in from the left and I’m front row five in from the left.

My sister became director of the camp and I was a counselor for many years before eventually becoming director myself.

***Telling a story at Campfire

This place CHANGED my life.  I grew into the person I am now and met some of my life-long closest friends, and most importantly the love of my life- Matt.  He was a counselor there as well and we ended up getting married AT Camp Centennial.

Owen, the owner of Camp Centennial, was like a mentor to us both and was an extremely important figure and role model in our lives.  He, unfortunately, passed away two years ago, but he lives on through so many of us and through his involvement in the community and of course with Camp Centennial.

After Matt and I had been dating for three years, Matt had an accident rock climbing.  It was October 2, 2006 when Matt fell 40 feet after his equipment came out of some eroding rock.  He was lucky enough to land on a ledge with another 20 feet underneath of him.  We often went climbing together, but this time I was at a wedding celebration and he was climbing with his best friend.  It took the paramedics a few hours to climb into the woods where Matt was, another few hours to get up to the ledge he lay on, and then a few more hours to get back out to the ambulance.

He broke his C6/C7 vertebrae in his back leaving him paralyzed from the chest down.  It was a long road to recovery, but we worked hard and we are worlds beyond where we thought we would be.

We got engaged shortly after the accident and married in July, 2007.

We knew we would most likely need assistance conceiving and so we started saving for it right away.  When we had enough money, we began the process for IVF.  Little did we know, that I would end up having issues as well and the process was trickier than we thought it would be.  I needed three times the amount of hormones to produce the levels I needed to produce follicles.  Typically, a woman would drop between 15- 30 follicles and not all of them would have eggs.  Well, I ended up having only FIVE, and yep, you guessed it….only TWO of those were viable.  Matt did NOT want to have twins as he was worried about how much he would be able to do and worried it would be hard on me.  However, one of the eggs was not strong enough to freeze and if we didn’t use both at the time, it would be thrown out.  So I cried….and I won 🙂 and now we have two BEAUTIFUL daughters- Lily and Leah.

We were blessed, but for awhile we weren’t sure if having babies was going to happen for us.  I had been practicing yoga for a few years and Matt pushed me towards taking my yoga teacher training in hopes that I would get babies off the brain and it really helped me and lo and behold I ended up getting pregnant WHILE I was in teacher training.  I’ve been teaching yoga ever since and am now lucky enough to be able to teach it AT the high school I work for as a certified course, Yoga 110.

Now, the girls are five and in Kindergarten, Matt is an Environmental Engineer and training hard at Hand Cycling and I am teaching yoga and English and now enjoying some blogging on the side.

Thanks for following along on this new ride!


Blissful Bhakti Babe