Mother’s Day Weekend + What do Matts biking results even MEAN anyway!?

Happy Mother’s Day too all the mama’s out there!

Hope you all had a great weekend.

I sure did, but man after the past two weekends, I am EXHAUSTED and ready for a break- and unfortunately I think I’m getting sick now because I’m run down.

Here is the breakdown-

We headed to Montreal last weekend for Matt’s biking competition.  It was Defi Sportif Altergo and was a really important race weekend for him.

He had the TT (time trial) on Saturday where you race against the clock and are aiming for your D, B, or A standard.  D means you go 27kph and are eligible for the development team and B means you go 32.6kph and is the average of 8th place finishers at all previous word cups.  It also means you are eligible for the NextGen team.  A standard means you go 33.6kph and is the average of 3rd place at all previous world cups and is required for High Performance team.

Matt was HOPING and AIMING to get his B, but killed it and got his A going 35.3km/hr.  This means he QUALIFIES for both NextGen and High Performance, so fingers crossed!!!!

And not only did he get his A standard, but he also got on the podium.  He placed second, which means out of ALL the races, including all levels of injury, he placed 2!  Pretty cool.

And on Sunday it was the race.  Where he raced with only people in his category/level, and he placed first.

We drove home afterwards and got home at about 1am.

So, last week was a blur.  We went to work and just barely survived the days, with no meal planning and no sleep.  Not to mention it was Theme Week at the girls school, Twin Day, Hawaiian Day, Tye Dye Day, and 80’s Day (and many meals out as I didn’t have time to meal plan):

And Matt and his best buddy Alex (also an engineer and the guy Matt was climbing with the day of the accident) were asked to go to RHS and talk about the practical applications of torque, levers and gears using Matt’s bike.

So, let’s just say it was a busy week!

And this weekend we celebrated Matts mom and Grandmother on Friday as well as his sister’s birthday, at our house.

And then took off Saturday for Fredericton.  I signed up for the 10km run at the Fredericton Marathon about five weeks ago.

This is my first run back since my Achilles tendinitis, and just wanted to get a run under my belt before taking on anything else.  I trained for a little over 4 weeks when I could and had no goals other than to finish.

I was able to complete it in 58:32 and am pretty happy with that.  I got a leg cramp in my left quad about 5km in, but pushed through.  It progressively got worse and its really tight today, but I’m hoping it’s not connected to my Achilles, as it’s the same leg.  Going to nurse it a bit and then start training for a Half Marathon in September, and I also signed up for a Duathlon in July.

They were very excited about how many restaurants we got to go to!

We also stayed at a hotel with a pool and slide and the girls had a blast Saturday and we also went back Sunday after my race for one more swim before heading home.

Which tired them out and made for a peaceful ride home.

We managed to food prep, get laundry done, get garbage down for “throw out anything day” and prepare supper for Mother’s Day with my mom and sister and nephew.

It was a really fun weekend.  But I am EXHAUSTED!  And am REALLY looking forward to a weekend HOME before our next weekend away for a race for Matt.  This is ALWAYS our busy time of year, and although exhausting, super fun and exciting.

So- last week, I didn’t even have time to sleep, let alone blog, but hoping to get back into it now.

Have a GREAT Monday!



Blissful Bhakti Babe


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