Dress Like your Favourite Teacher Day + Throat Infections + Duck Nests!!!

Wow!  So, I got hit HARD with a throat infection and head cold.  I wasn’t feeling well this past weekend when we were in Fredericton, but I chalked it up to being nervous for my run and just run down from Montreal and the business that is this time of year.

But Monday afternoon, my throat started to close up and I started to feel really horrible.  By evening, I couldn’t swallow and it was really painful.

So, I ended up taking yesterday off, and other than going to the clinic to get medication, I SLEPT!

I’m feeling…..well I’m actually still feeling really crappy but I went to work because we are running out of days before summer and I needed to meet with some of my students.

I wish I was in bed though.

But when your work bestie knows how crappy you’re feeling, so she brings you a Americano from Second Cup, that helps to put a smile on your face 🙂 thanks Becca!!!

And it’s also Dress like your Favourite Teacher day for the grads at our school.  And so far, two of them have dressed like me- I LOVE it!

In other news, yesterday morning when I raised the blinds I saw a male and female duck in our front yard.  They hung out there for quite awhile and then they seemed to disappear.  However, when I was getting some water at the sink for Leah, she pointed through the windows (we have windows instead of back splash behind the sink) and said “Look mommy, the mommy duck is lying down in our garden.”

I didn’t have my glasses on, so I didn’t believe her, but sure enough she was right.

The ducks stayed all morning but by the time the girls got home they were gone.  So, we assumed they had been scared away and decided not to build their nest there.  ***Where the mommy duck had been lying, you can see she dug a whole and put leaves and soft materials- it looks very much like a nest.

But, this morning there were both back again, and mommy was lying in the same place.

So- we think we are going to be the proud parents of a family of ducklings.

Our next door neighbour had a family of ducks two summers ago, so I messaged her to ask for advice on how to make them feel safe and secure….and it looks like we won’t be having any BBQ’s for the next thirty days.

I’m SO excited and really hope we get to see them waddle off after their mother when they are born- they waddle off the DAY they are born, so I’m hoping we don’t miss it.

Alright, that’s it for today!  I’m trying to just survive today until I can crawl back into bed.



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