Family Birthday Party + Sports with DADDY (and mommy)

Well, I’ve had a lot of comments on Matts video of getting into the pool!  It IS pretty cool how he did it… gracefully haha and how excited the girls were about getting to swim with him.  THAT part almost had me in tears, they couldn’t stop screaming his name.  And also, if you watch the video again, you’ll notice that Randy KICKED Leah INTO the pool on his way to help Matt.  HILARIOUS!  It was such a good time, and Matt really enjoyed being able to play in the water with the girls.

In case you missed the video- it is here

On that note (getting active with the girls), he plans on getting a sport wheelchair.  He used to have one when he played wheelchair basketball, but since he was no longer using it, he gave it to someone who wanted to give it a a go.  These things are SO expensive, and a lot of people don’t get the opportunity to try it out to see if they like it because- how can you justify paying that much money and end up not enjoying it?  So, a lot of people in the wheelchair community pass things around.

So, now he wants one, because the girls requested sports equipment for their birthday and they got a lot of it!  They got soccer balls, basketballs, baseball mitts, tennis rackets, and we got them a basketball net.  So, we will be playing lot of sports in the near future and he wants to participate!

Yesterday was the girls 6th birthday, and man you would have thought it was Christmas Eve!  I’ve never seen two girls so excited for their birthday.  They were giddy with excitement and it was hard to keep them contained until their family birthday party at 6!  Matt and I BOTH have such HUGE families and everyone is in town, so we typically have a family party and then a smaller one where the girls get to invite their friends.  If we did it all together, it would be….crazy!

They wanted to help decorate, so we blew up balloons, and hung unicorns and banners all over the kitchen.

Then, thunderstorm and lightening started which the girls were really excited about as they don’t remember ever seeing it before and they thought it was pretty special that they got to see their first one on their birthday.

Randomly though, I got a message request on Facebook about that time from a stranger.

This is what he said,

Haha, poor Cooper HATES thunder and lightening and so when it began he took off running away from the cottage and ended up down at the church in the town.  He was wet and SO scared that he actually went to the door of the priest and began scratching because he wanted inside.  The priest called the number on his tag which gave him the name Kinnie and the # to call, but no one was answering.  So, he took to Facebook and I’m the one he found!  So, I got a hold of my in-laws and all is good.  He was scared but he came to the girl’s birthday party and was back to his usual, happy self.

Girls party- success!  My niece and nephew came and my cousins little boy, so the kids had a great time playing and getting hopped up on sugar!

The cake (and theme) was Unicorns (and owls) and it was so cute!

Notice they didn’t even let me set it down before they were blowing out the candles.

And then, they opened gifts.  Which was exhausting and overwhelming, lol.

They had a GREAT time, but trying to get the gifts opened in an orderly fashion was TOUGH!

And to get them to spend a respectable amount of time on each gift and appear interested in EVERYTHING (including clothes) was also tough.

I was sweating!  But it went as smoothly as it could and they were very appreciative!  And so happy with their gifts.

My mom got them clip on earrings, and they both have TWO pairs on today for daycare haha.  Looks pretty cute.

Thank you family for coming and celebrating with us!

Today, they are off to daycare as it is Farm Day.  Man, our daycare has been AMAZING this year with special events and outings, and today they get to go to a farm and see the animals, and pet and feed them.  The girls are pretty excited.  And it gives this mama a break.  It’s been a busy summer, so today, I am buckling down and CLEANING and ORGANIZING their bedroom!   I am PUMPED!

Ok, this is a short and sweet post, so I can get a move on.  I have a lot to accomplish in a little amount of time.  Wish me luck!



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2 thoughts on “Family Birthday Party + Sports with DADDY (and mommy)

  1. What daycare do they go to in the summer Mel? Also I watched the vid of Matt getting into the water. It made me think of what an experience it must be to have all these skills that are not gone, but need adaptations now. Like swimming. Thanks to Matt smd you for sharing yiyr experience.
    Looks like you are having a packed summer – awesome!

    1. Thanks Em! It has been packed, trying to slow it down a bit before we return to work. Hope yours is great as well- Buddha Bear soon!? They go to the Wee College after school daycare and they typically have 2-3 out-trips per week. This week is a farm and berry picking. Pretty neat.

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