Life after Rehab + Supper at Nana’s

This past weekend, I spent some time organizing the girls room.  They are slowly becoming very different- both in what they WANT to wear (their style) and their sizes.  They have always been the same size, which isn’t always the case with fraternal twins, and they technically still are quite close in size, but Leah is a bit taller so pants and shirts can sometimes be short on her, and Lily is a bit larger, so we want to make sure things fit well.

So, I divided up the clothes and made a Lily dresser and a Leah dresser.  This made it so I needed more drawers than we have.  So, I went down stairs and got this container.

They have a huge closet, as you can see, so I put this storage container in their closet and we are using it now for clothes.

Interestingly enough, it was originally bought after Matt came home from rehabilitation in Toronto, after his accident.  When he was there, he had hours a day of Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, as well as other types of therapy and classes to learn how to live again. (they even have a mock apartment, so that couples can “try” out what living together will look like post injury- Matt and I had to live there for a bit before we moved back home- THAT is a story for another day!)  And with these therapy sessions, came a lot of “tools” that Matt was given in order to help him recover/live more easily or efficiently.

So, when I brought it upstairs, it had to be emptied out, and MAN it was a walk down memory lane for Matt and I. (A pic of Matt and I at the rehab facility- Matt still has his neck brace on at this point)

These were made by his Occupational Therapist for his forearms and hands.  He would strap these on and it would help stretch out his hands. (with time, if the hands aren’t stretched out, they end up curling and tightening – into fists essentially- which is what ended up happening over the years with Matt’s hands as the muscles aren’t used) but while you are in rehab you never know what you will get back- like what muscles, use of limbs, etc., will return, so you want to keep them limber just in case.

These were made to help him type.  When he first came home he needed to finish his education and use a computer and so he would strap these on and it would help him do so.  Now, he’s so good at it and doesn’t need anything like this.

They say it takes FIVE years after an accident like this to really be “good” at living with your injury, as odd as that sounds, haha.  And it really does, when we think back to the first few years and how difficult it was and how little he could do for himself, and to now how totally independent he is- it really is incredible.  I mean this is a QUADRIPLEGIC who is a full time engineer, full time father, typically a full time husband (except during training months hahahah) and a full time competitive biker!  We never dreamed all of this would be possible in that first bit of time.

Now THIS one was one of my favourites!(probably not his though, haha)

He had to lie down for a significant amount of time, until he built up the endurance to sit up.  Think about it, after the accident, if he sat up too quickly or for too long, his blood pressure would spike and he would pass out.  And he had to wait until the surgeries were done and his neck was secure or more damage could be done.  So, he was in a supine position for a long time and therefore phlegm would settle into his lungs- which can be dangerous and lead to severe sickness.  SO- the respiratory therapist taught me how to use this.  You put the tube into your mouth (so Matts) and I would push the balloon part to put oxygen into his lungs.  And this would cause him to cough (because he couldn’t use his muscles to do so), and then I would use a suction- like the ones the dentist uses to get the fluid out of our mouths during a cleaning- and suck the phlegm out!  So fun!

And this one, with the ball and tube was for Matt to practice breathing in.

A huge part of his diaphragm was paralyzed and so, his breath is more shallow than someone who can use the entire space within to breath.  So, he would have to put the tube into his mouth and take deep inhales, and he would have to get the ball to rise up and touch the roof of the container.  He had to do this several times a day to practice using as much of his diaphragm as he could.  When we found it, he tried it out and what used to be so incredibly hard for him was a breeze!  Shows how much he has grown- in so many ways- over the years.

What was a tragic, sad time was also a life-changing time with lots of amazing parts to it.  We look upon it now with general fondness (for the most part) and enjoy reminiscing.

Alright, so after school yesterday I picked up the girls and we went home and did our homework quickly so we could head to Nana’s for supper.  Matt’s bike race actually got cancelled due to the weather, but we had already made plans and Nana had already made the food, so we went anyway.  Matt had to train, so he went home instead of joining us to get it in early.

We got there and helped Nana prep the salad.

Nana asked Leah to get the cheese from the fridge….

And then we ate, and the girls each had TWO helpings of salad and only ate a small portion of their hamburgers.

At one point during dinner, Lily told us to turn around and she would do a magic trick and disappear on us….I think she needs to work on her magic skills.  Haha.

And then the girls played for a bit and got tickled by Nana….they are the most ticklish people other than myself!

Then it was off to home, so the girls could get to bed.

And because Matt biked early, we got to hang out together!  YAY!

Today is Thursday, and we have swimming.  The girls missed it last week as we had Claire’s birthday party- my niece.  So they are quite excited to go.

And that is it!  I’m excited to just have a chill night tonight.

That is IT for today!  Have a fabulous Thursday folks!



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  1. Thank you Melanie, for sharing your stories. I was always curious, but never wanted to ask…

    Makes me realize how lucky we are 🙂 Namaste Bernice

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