Europe After Party! And Harry Potter Sorting Hat CUPCAKES!

Yesterday started off rough, as I was super tired and this infection is taking a lot out of me, but once I got enough coffee into me I was fine.  My students and I were watching a documentary on the Worst Jobs in History- Tudor time, and I LOVE this section as the jobs are pretty gruesome (like the Headsman for instance) and the students really enjoy discussing them. (They don’t really enjoy the writing assignment afterwards, but they do love the topic and I enjoy reading them the writing assignments, haha!)

Also- in Yoga 110, we are doing an assignment called, “Pose of the Day.”  It’s a quick, assignment, where each student picked a pose randomly out of a hat and need to learn how to teach it to the class.  They need to know alignment, benefits of the pose, and modifications or variations.  It’s nerve racking for them, but a good intro to doing their final assignment which is teaching a complete class (as a small group of four- so not solo!)  We got through half of the class yesterday and I was super impressed with how prepared they were.  They took the assignment really seriously!

After work, I went to the grocery store to pick up some goodies for a group gathering I was having later that evening.  This was fun, as I wasn’t shopping for my family or children, and for teenagers so I picked up yummy stuff, like candy and chocolate treats.  However, I was under the assumption that I was buying ALL of the food for this gathering, and found out my amazing brother in law had made some of his gourmet food for it.

Also, I wasn’t home this weekend so we are pretty low on regular stuff like bread and milk so I had to pick up some stuff for us as well!

Then, I picked the girls up and we had supper alone as Matt had meetings in Fredericton all day and only got home at 6:30.  It was a quick, picnic supper, as I knew they would be munching at the group gathering later on. (they were coming with me)  I was meeting with the group of students and chaperones who came with me to Europe on March break.  This was our after party to celebrate and be together one last time and since Matt was gone away until late, they got to come for a bit.

It worked out well, as the girls REALLY wanted to go with me to see Nick, John, Kelly and Vince (the crew who run camp) and to see my students who had gone to Europe with me.

They had fun!  And also practiced their gymnastics and burnt off a lot of energy running around.

We got them in their PJ’s, so when Matt picked them up all he needed to do was brush their teeth and they would be ready for bed.  The evening was about us getting together one last time, as a group to discuss how great the trip was, watch a slide show of the pics Nick took (he’s also a professional photographer- check him out on FB- Adrenaline Studios), and eat some food.

We had a BLAST.  I mean, look at this food.

As I said, Nick is a chef and really makes incredible stuff….birthdays at his house are the best as the cakes are INSANELY good and rich!  He had these SORTING HAT CUPCAKES!  When we were in London, we did a Harry Potter Tour and the kids “ate” it up!  We were all sorted into the four HP houses and we had a Trivia Competition!  So, these cupcakes were fitting.  It was also one of the student’s birthdays and she’s a HUGE HP fan, so one had a candle in it for her.

You twist the hat off, and then take a bite, and the inside shows the colour of one of the houses.  I got Slytherin!

Kelly was also quite excited.

She also got Slytherin….this is her being Slytherinish.

And one of my students, whom I work with in my ImaginAction group as well, got me this wonderful notebook.  She said when she saw it, she thought of me and thought it was perfect.  She also wrote a super sweet note in it!  Have I mentioned how much I love my job??

Ok, happy Hump Day folks!  Another week that is FLYING by!


Blissful Bhakti Babe



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