Friday is for Pictures and Five Friday Favs!

So- Matt, the girls and I have this “thing” were we have dance parties in the kitchen a few times a week..  We each get to pick our favourite song and we just go for it.  The interesting thing is seeing the development of the girl’s song choices.  It started off with them picking songs from movies, ie) Let It Go- from Frozen, and then developed to them picking songs from Taylor Swift (Shake It Off), to Katie Perry (Something about a Tiger) to Bohemian Rhapsody (We have a video of Lily busting out to this when she was TWO) and now they teeter between different singers and lately it has been Adele (Hello), Kesha (Praying) and Pink (What about Us).  Excellent songs to bust a move too!

Last night, we had an amazing dance party to end the work week and Matt captured some of the pictures:

They LOVE being spinned-

I NEVER get mail (Unless I order something for myself- so I guess I DO get mail often but never from OTHER people)  But TWO times this week the girls got Easter gifts! (and BOTH times they were PJ’s)
Once from Nanny and Bampy- matching PJ’s for Easter:

And they also got Paw Patrol PJ’s from Auntie La La in Calgary:

Thursday was our Friday, therefore, Matt and I enjoyed a beer after the girls went bed to celebrate the long weekend and it was just so warm and beautiful last night we had to!  This guy can NOT take a normal pic!

And then when he finally DOES take a normal pic- I look like this:

PS- I ONLY bought this beer because it was covered in FLOWERS!

I love ANYTHING with floral prints!

Sisters- sort of, kind of, partially hugging haha:

Friday Five Favs:
1. Lily taught herself to blow up a balloon and the pride on her face is better than anything.

2. I’ve been waiting for this to happen!  I knew it was inevitable – Leah decided that there was a lock of hair that kept falling into her face and at daycare she decided it needed to be cut off.  She came home and was helping me make lunch and I gazed over towards her an noticed there was an usually short chunk of hair- I asked her what happened and she said “well, it was bugging me mommy and was always in my face and now it’s not.”  I guess she makes a good point…..

3. And, as noted above, she decided she wanted to help mommy make lunches for the next day.  She did BOTH sandwiches all by herself.  They LOVE helping mommy and daddy in the kitchen.

4. These are some of the eight pairs of socks I bought Matt in Barcelona- best.  wife.  ever.

5. A former student of mine was visiting Halifax and she knew I was dying to visit the store, Earth Goddess, so she offered to pick me up a few things.  What a sweet heart!

I asked for this GORGEOUS market bag (Can’t wait to use it tomorrow!):

And these two Himalayan Rock candles:

And, for some reason, they threw in this beautiful bracelet and a fragrance:

And bonus*- a pic of the girls kissing <3

Happy Good Friday and Happy Easter weekend!  I hope you all have a wonderful extended weekend with family and friends!  We have our first family dinner tonight at moms, then one Sunday with Matt’s family and one Monday with Dad and Becky.  Should be fun and filling!

Hope the Easter Bunny finds you all and leaves lots of chocolate goodies!

Namaste friends! <3


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  1. Dance parties are the best (and that Katy Perry song? Called Roar and it is on my Spotify Hood Feeling platlist) lol Happy Easter 🦄

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